This Training Session requires you to view two videos. One for Hub-Piloted installation, the other for Stud-Piloted Installation

Video 1:
10-Stud, Hub-Piloted or FN Mounting Systems: English

For Spanish and French version scroll down


Video 2:
10-Stud, Stud-Piloted or BSN Mounting Systems



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Downloadable PDF Files

This document addresses the potential causes of the two most common warranty returns for brake drums:
"out-of-round" and "cracked" as well describing what to look for to help diagnose these issues:
Common Brake Drum Warranty Returns

This document defines when to replace your brake drum: Guidelines for Brake Drum Replacement This document shows the importance of corosion removal from Aluminum Hubs before installing brake drums.
Corrosion on Aluminum Hubs


Video 1: Spanish
10-Stud, Hub-Piloted or FN Mounting Systems


Video 2: Spanish
10-Stud, Stud-Piloted or BSN Mounting Systems


Video 1: French
10-Stud, Hub-Piloted or FN Mounting Systems


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