Webb Smart Technology

A Finger on the Pulse

Webb is leading the development of smart technology to help fleets run at peak operating efficiency. At the heart of system are carefully selected, cutting edge sensors designed to accurately measure temperature, stroke, humidity level, cycle count, lubrication level, and axle component condition. Data from the sensors is collected onboard by the Data Integration Box (DIB).


Webb ADB System
Data Integration Box

Embedded Peace of Mind

By monitoring each Webb wheel-end component, the Data Integration Box (DIB) can diagnose issues with part condition or performance in real-time. As the DIB tracks changes over time, the embedded intelligence can predict future performance and recommend preventative maintenance.


Smart Components, Seamless Integration

Real-time data has little real-world value if it never reaches the customer. That's why we have adopted an open approach to system integration with third-party telematics providers. This means Webb smart technology customers will access their data in a manner that is convenient and familiar without the typical distractions created by learning new systems. Like we said... smart components, seamless integration. Stay tuned.


Webb Smart Components

Webb R&D Lab Testing Capabilities

Webb dynamometer

• Enables Webb engineers to test ideas to reduce operating temperatures, improve braking performance and extend product life cycles

• Test durability and longevity of rotors and brake drums

• Validates lining and drum performance to to FMVSS 121

• Simulates up to a 30k axle load


Webb rotary fatigue test

• Allows Webb Engineers to assess lighter weight components while achieving maximum life

• Test durability and longevity of wheel hubs

• Testing to SAE J1095


Environmental testing

• The latest in corrosion prevention technology is tested for enhanced rotor cooling and superior ABS signal

• Tests per ASTM B117

• Humidity and cyclic corrosion testing


Webb Data Acquisition

Understanding customer issues

Data acquisition is the core of understanding customer issues. Working on-site alongside our customers, Webb R&D engineers install a host of sensors to gather data from customer vehicles over time. Quantifying issues with data leads to engineered solutions that make a measurable difference.

Webb Data Acquisition

In-Depth Data Acquisition

The sensors we install monitor everything from brake system parameters such as temperature, chamber pressure, and stroke to vehicle parameters such as wind speed, acceleration, GPS position, and CAN messages — all to provide a detailed description of a particular application.


Application Specific Design

Customer input, quantifiable data plus high level engineering tools and processes lead to designs ideal for a specific wheel-end application.




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